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Cherylyn Stopler
Cherylyn was first introduced to Alternative Dispute Resolution in 2002 when she was asked to participate in the Florida Supreme Court mediation certification training program. Later that same year, she became a fully certified Florida Supreme Court Mediator and has been helping hundreds of individuals, couples and businesses amicably resolve their disputes. By the following year, Cherylyn expanded her qualifications and completed her training to become a qualified Arbitrator.
Throughout the years, Cherylyn has gained a great deal of experience by successfully mediating hundreds of cases encompassing various types of conflicts including tenant-landlord, home owner-home owners association, contract, employer-employee, business to business and marital/divorce.
In conjunction with her experience, Cherylyn has completed training courses and symposiums enabling her to more effectively communicate with all parties involved in mediation sessions. She has the proven knowledge, skills and abilities to actively listen and understand complex legal issues and develop a rapport with each party to better assist them in developing their own solutions.
Cherylyn is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a county and circuit mediator. In addition to being a Mediator and Arbitrator, Cherylyn is also a licensed Real Estate Broker and auctioneer in both Florida and Alabama with more than 26 years experience.
If you would like additional information or would to set up an appointment please call (850) 572-9353 or e-mail Cherylyn at